M1000 series heatpump controller

The built-in microcontroller offers precise digital control to maximize performance. The outputs and control sequences are all fully configurable, either locally or remotely with free software. The M1000 uses PI (Proportional-Integral) control loops to optimize heatpump management and it also acts as a Master controller when networked with VC1000 series VAV zone controllers.


  • Sequences to control the economizer, preheating, auxiliary heating, static pressure, and morning warm-up; all configurable
  • Internal clock with configurable schedules and calendars
  • Works in Air-Air mode or Water-Air mode (configurable)
  • A manual/off/auto switch for each output
  • Remote monitoring and configuration with FREE ProLon Focus software
  • Stand-alone or networked (up to 127 nodes)
  • Supports Modbus and BACnet protocols
  • Proportional integral (PI) control loops maximize performance
  • 5 digital outputs and 3 analog outputs, all equipped with thermal protection
  • Configurable temperature limits and minimum delays allow protection sequences
  • Possibility of up to 2 stage compression and 2 stage auxiliary heating
  • Configurable unoccupied state sequences
  • FlexiZone system facilitates multiple zone management by evaluating the average weighted demand with grouped personalized zones
 Hardware Guide Heatpump M1000
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