PL-OAS Outdoor Air Sensor 

The PL-OAS outdoor air sensor is made with a weather-tight, plastic enclosure designed to withstand demanding weather conditions.


PL-DS Duct Sensor

The PL-DS duct sensor is made with a sturdy 304 stainless steel insertion tube and a standard 2'’x4'’ electrical junction box with cover and duct mounting flanges.


PL-CODS Changeover Duct Sensor

The PL-CODS duct changeover sensor is designed for direct terminal unit installation. It is made out of a sturdy 304 stainless steel insertion tube and a duct mounting flange.


PL-MLP2 Differential Pressure Sensor

The PL-MLP2 differential pressure sensor incorporates a durable piezoresistive silicon sensing element to enable very low and very precise pressure measurements. Typically used to measure building static pressure.




 Datasheet PL-MLP2 (REV.7.1.0)  Datasheet Sensors (REV.7.1.0)  Installation Guide PL-MLP2 (REV.7.0.0)
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