The built-in microprocessor offers precise digital control to maximize performance. The outputs and control sequences are all fully configurable, either locally or remotely, using free software or from the T1000 electronic room sensor. The on-board brushless actuator of the VC2000 provides electronic feedback on damper position. When in a network, Prolon VAV zone controllers can share information such as the occupancy state, the demand, the supply temperature and more.

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  • Elegant casing with a unique and modern design, 50 % smaller than the previous model.
  • Belimo® Halomo® actuator with improved torque (45 in-lbs).
  • New flow sensor for high performance pressure independent sequences.
  • Quick and easy wiring thanks to clearly identified, removable terminal blocks.
  • Convenient network address allocation from a simple press of a button.
  • Two entirely configurable outputs (1 digital output, 1 analog output).
  • Redesigned label for improved LED readout and wiring setup, organized into logical groups.
  • Multi-color indicator lights, bright and easy to read for a quick interpretation of the controller status!
  • Precise control ensured by a configurable PI loop (proportional/integral).
  • Rugged design with inputs and outputs protected by thermal fuses (PTC).
  • The smaller size and increased power of the new VC2000 allows the controller to be used on a wider range of damper boxes, from existing systems to brand new ones.
  • Prolon’s Flexi-zone system facilitates management of the central unit using a variety of different control strategies, such as the weighted average, group voting, or highest demand in cooling or heating.
  • Works stand-alone or networked, with automatic data exchange to the Prolon master controllers.
  • Many advanced control sequences available, such as radiant floor, duct heating, pressure independent air flow, etc.
  • All VC2000 configuration parameters are adjustable using the Prolon Focus software. This free software allows for direct local connection or remote access via the Internet.
  • Many electronic sensor models are available: Electronic sensor / interface with digital display (T1000), Electronic sensor with digital display (T500), Electronic sensor with setpoint (T200).
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