Heatpump Controller M1000

This is the previous model of the M2000 series. This product is archived and no longer sold, but may still be currently installed in buildings. The M1000 heatpump controller is designed to control residential or commercial heatpumps.

To view our most up to date Heatpump Product still available, please view our Heatpump Controller page.

    • Sequences to control the economizer, preheating, auxiliary heating, static pressure, and morning warm-up; all configurable
    • Internal clock with configurable schedules and calendars
    • Works in Air-Air mode or Water-Air mode (configurable)
    • A manual/off/auto switch for each output
    • Remote monitoring and configuration with FREE ProLon Focus software
    • Stand-alone or networked (up to 127 nodes)
    • Supports Modbus and BACnet protocols
    • Proportional integral (PI) control loops maximize performance
    • 5 digital outputs and 3 analog outputs, all equipped with thermal protection
    • Configurable temperature limits and minimum delays allow protection sequences
    • Possibility of up to 2 stage compression and 2 stage auxiliary heating
    • Configurable unoccupied state sequences
    • FlexiZone system facilitates multiple zone management by evaluating the average weighted demand with grouped personalized zones
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