I like to have control….whether I’m racing at top speeds around the racetrack or just looking to make our home climate more comfortable for my family.
Since having Prolon installed in our home, we’re able to quickly and efficiently control the temperatures in our rooms for maximum comfort in all seasons.  It’s like having a pit crew in our thermostats!
Alex Tagliani
Alex t. Alex signature

“Pro Lon at TCS is used in these basic applications:

Sold over the counter to service contractors;
Converting a standalone Pneumatic VAV or FPB to DDC with an open protocol controller that can be integrated to a full blown automation system.
Converting a third party standalone DDC controller such as an Enviro-Tech VAV or FPB, to a cost effective open protocol DDC controller.
Sold to mechanical or service contractors as an Automation startup system.
Inexpensive startup cost and little programing knowledge required.
Currently in Texas, and I’m sure elsewhere, 80% of commercial buildings are Light Commercial applications consisting of Roof Top Units and VAV’s.
Example: Churches, car dealerships, convenience stores, office warehouse, day care, small office building with 100 devices or less.”

Gus Bauder, director of Building Automaton at Temperature Controls Systems, Dallas, TX

“At Minvalco, we sell JACE controllers to our controls contractors and Prolon controllers to our service contractors….over the counter!”

Ted Hoffman, Sales Manager at Minvalco, Minnapolis, MN

Since it’s been almost a year I thought I’d let you know that the HVAC system is actually working out really well.  The different zones are maintaining different temperatures and we moved from winter to spring without having any issues with humidity or temperature.

So, thanks, looks like the system you selected and installed is a winner.
Ben Graham
Director of eCommerce, Eldis Group
Prolon System installed by Conroy Refrigeration Limited, Truro, Nova Scotia.

I am proud of our choice to go with Prolon’s products… for the past 4 years, the system has met our needs and has allowed us to be much more efficient in terms of heating/cooling/ventilation for all our factory office spaces.
I recommend Prolon

Luc Valcourt
Chief electrician
NovaBus, Deux-Montagnes, QC

I just wanted to give some positive feedback on the new HVAC control system we’ve just commissioned at a new Canadian Retail Big Box Store… I LOVE IT!!!!   
The program is so easy to navigate and configure for both for the installer and the end user. 
With it being so busy, it is nice that we can now log online and assist our customer with HVAC related issues remotely.
Paul DeThomasis
Operations Manager
Springbank Mechanical Systems Ltd.




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