Network Scheduler

This product is archived and no longer available for purchase, but may still be currently installed in buildings. Firmware updates are still available via PRLFW file, please refer to the Network Controller page.

The NC-SCHED network scheduler is a communication module for ProLon’s zoning system.

  • The NC-SCHED network scheduler is a communication module that performs three main functions.
    First, it is a converter that allows users to view their ProLon network from the internet or USB.
    Second, it manages the occupancy schedule and the outside temperature and distributes them to any ProLon controllers on the network.
    Third, it can be configured to poll any ProLon controller on the network and send email-based alerts upon user-selectable conditions.

    • Modbus TCP/IP to serial converter allows remote configuration of your ProLon network
    • Internal clock with up to 16 configurable weekly schedules and annual calendars
    • Shares outside temperature data between devices
    • Polls devices and sends email alerts based on user-configurable conditions
    • Static IP address or DHCP
    • Local connection to your PC via USB or RS232
    • Automated and configurable daylight savings time
    • Keeps precise time for 10 days without electricity and recharges in a matter of seconds
    • Electrically isolated RS485 port
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