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A Control System Designed
in Simplicity

Prolon’s system is available to any contractor looking for an accessible controls line which can cater to all HVAC control requirements in small to medium sized buildings. Whether mechanical contractors have controls experience or not, any level of technician can quickly learn how to effectively implement a system. Prolon’s controllers are quick & easy to install and can be configured within a matter of minutes. Paired with the free Focus software, all mechanical contractors will have a front-end with graphics they can easily navigate to make changes to any device on the network.

For seasoned controls contractors, Prolon can provide a viable controls option for small to medium sized buildings where a pricier, full-blown BAS control system may not be feasible. Prolon’s engineers have designed application specific controllers with all the industry standard sequences required for many types of HVAC equipment, ready for quick deployment in the field and minimal time needed for setup. Additionally, all Prolon controllers can be integrated into any 3rd party DDC system should you need to integrate with multiple types of systems.

Prolon has an extensive network of distributors who can provide training and support located throughout the United States and Canada. Find out which distributor carries Prolon near you!

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We were fortunate enough to become involved as a PROLON distributor in 2017 and brought the product on after some initial testing and were impressed with the simplicity in conjunction with product functionality.  Took the product to market with the idea of introducing it to the broader contractor market. With PROLONS support we were able…

Bret Dawson, General Manager at MIControls, Inc.

Prolon at TCS is used in these basic applications: Sold over the counter to service contractors; Converting a standalone Pneumatic VAV or FPB to DDC with an open protocol controller that can be integrated to a full blown automation system.

Gus Bauder, director of Building Automaton at Temperature Controls Systems

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