Hydronics Controller

Our hydronics controller is designed to monitor and control geothermal, water-to-water heat pump systems and dual energy boiler systems. Due to the usually complex nature and multiple input/output needs of these types of systems, it is only available in the M2000 hardware series.

  • M2000-HYD

    • Standalone or networked operation
    • Proportional+Integral (PI) control loops maximize performance
    • Built-in protection sequences with configurable temperature limits and minimum delays
    • 9 universal inputs
    • 5 digital, 3 analog outputs with self-resetting fuses
    • Quick and easy installation using detachable numbered terminal blocks
    • Lead-lag sequences for the compressors
    • Outdoor temperature reset for the tank setpoints
    • Configurable heating/cooling priority modes
    • Setpoints can be reset by network provided demands
    • Hot and cold tank
    • Dual recovery system
    • Single hot tank with open or closed boiler loop
    • Dual energy boilers
    • Built-in auxiliary heat sequences
    • Internal time clock with 7-day configurable schedule and holiday calendar
    • Hand/Off/Auto switches on all 8 outputs
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