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Founded in 1998, Prolon is a manufacturer of an HVAC control system dedicated for small to medium sized commercial buildings. Its entire controls line offering is meant to be easy to install and to be accessible for all mechanical and service HVAC contractors.

Born out of the frustrations created by other control system manufacturers, Prolon distinguishes itself from competing vendors as being one of the few manufacturers specializing in HVAC controls for light commercial buildings. Controls vendors often specialize in complex and expensive DDC systems, and on occasion offer a scaled-down version for small buildings. However, these scaled-down versions tend to have very limited scope or applications.

As we set out to develop our new product, we started by looking to customers and contractors of other control systems and researching all the points that frustrated them when it came to installation, service, and maintenance. Some of the biggest complaints we found included features such as restricted access where only a certain contractor may provide service, expensive software and software updates, and eventual obsolescence of the entire system leading to forced replacement, just to mention a few. At the drawing board, our priority was eliminating all these concerns by making our software and updates free, allowing any contractor to sell and service Prolon and ensuring to engineer backward and forward compatibility across all generations into our controllers. In a world where, it seems, every business is concerned about "recurring revenue" and trying to figure a way into your pockets on a regular basis, we decided that we will get our recurring revenue by offering a product that is so good, people want to keep coming back and purchasing it again and again.

Our headquarters are in Mirabel, Quebec and all our products are manufactured locally in Montreal where we are able to maintain a close watch on the production process to ensure the highest level of quality control. Prolon has grown steadily since its creation and is quickly becoming the standard in light commercial control systems across North America. We have a vast international distribution network including over 100 distribution branches in the United States alone.

  • Over 120 distributors
  • 338 products
  • Over 20,000 projects already installed

Our journey


Prolon launches their first zone controller, the VC-500


Release of Focus Software 1.0


Launch of the VC1000 series

Zone Controller (VC1000 VAV)

Unit controller (VC1000-RTU)


Release of Focus Software 2.0


Launch of the first wall sensor with digital display, the PL-TDIP


Release of Focus Software 3.0


Launch of the VC1000 Series, 2nd generation

New VC1000LT and VC1000F with Halomo motor

VC1000FF “Super-Master”

Heatpump controller (VC1000-HP)


Release of Focus Software 4.0


Launch of the M1000 series

Network Controller (NC-Sched)

Boiler Controller (C1000/M1000-BLR)

Humidity Controller (C1000-HU)

Heatpump Controller (M1000-HP)


Release of Focus Software 5.0


Launch of the Digital wall sensor (T1000)

New digital wall sensors (T500 & T200)

Digital Thermostat (T1100)

Waterloop Controller (VC1000-WLC)


Release of Focus Software 5.1 & 5.2


New platform for improved PL-NC-SCHED

New Hydronic controller (HPWTW)

New casing for wall sensor PL-RS


First Focus Application for Android


New Make-up Air Controller (M1000-MUA)

Single Zone System Heatpump controller (C1000/M1000-HPS)


Release of Focus Software 6.0


Launch of the 2000 series, the VC2000, M2000 and NC2000

Update of the C1000 series

Prolon offers controllers in UL prewired panels


First Focus Application for IOS


Launch of the Copper Theft Controller (C1000-CPT)

Single Zone System Rooftop (C1000/M2000-RTUS)


Release of Focus Software 6.2


Launch of the Bluetooth Adapter (485-BT)

New Flexible configurable controllers FlexIO (C1000/M2000-FLX)


Launch of Focus 7.0 with the Cloud platform


New Improved version of FlexIO (C1000/M2000-FLX)

New sequences for our Thermostat (T1100)

Autonomous dehumidification (M2000-RTU/RTUS)


Release of Focus Software 7.3

Chiller controller (C1000/M2000-CHL)

Addition of notifications and alert improvements (NC-2000)


Launch of the C1050 series


Release of Focus Software 7.4

Fan Coil controller (C1050/M2000-FCU)


Launch of the Tree-Com

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