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A Control System Designed
in Simplicity

Prolon’s controllers are used to create a simple, inexpensive control system aimed to help you save money and energy. Our state-of-the-art zoning system will also allow the occupants of your building to be comfortable in their own zones.

When it comes to Prolon, comfort is key. All pre-built sequences follow the industry standards to ensure that maximal comfort is provided to all occupants in a building. Different strategies can be applied to avoid "hot zones" or "cold zones" so that everyone has the same degree of comfort. Additionally, Prolon can monitor the indoor air quality (IAQ) and make sure to provide fresh air to all spaces.

Did you know that utility costs related to HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) can take up to 40% of the total energy bill? When looking to reduce overall energy consumption, HVAC related costs are easiest and most accessible to target.
Prolon offers a wide range of energy savings sequences intended to reduce the energy bill as much as possible, while providing all occupants in the building with comfort. A few of these sequences include free cooling using outside cool air, night-time setback setpoints, scheduled operation of equipment, controlling fan and pump speeds, and much more.

One of the biggest hurdles commercial building owners have when attempting to lower their buildings energy consumption is the cost associated with improving the controls. Additionally, vendors offering programmable DDC systems charge annual fees for continued access and even charge for simple updates. All this combined can cause owners to rethink whether they wish to improve their system.

Prolon systems can easily be installed at 25%-40% less cost than installation and programming of a full DDC system while providing identical savings and comfort. The controllers are pre-programmed, ready to be deployed in the field for a quick installation by any local mechanical contractor. Prolon also provides FREE software to access the system and FREE updates, allowing owners to keep their systems up to date with all the newest upgrades at no further cost. There are also no annual fees for continued access or monitoring.

Prolon’s systems can be installed by any local mechanical contractor in your area. If you need assistance in finding one, feel free to contact us and we will get you on your way.

Prolon’s Cloud service allows building owners with multiple sites to access any of their systems within a few clicks. We understand building owners need a quick and accessible interface to view complex information about their buildings. Easy access is at the top of Prolon’s priorities, whether they are using a computer, a cellphone, or tablet.

Prolon also provides a free email alerting system. This is very handy in cases where building owners need to be aware of any critical situation within a matter of minutes of it happening. Once alerted, owners can quickly take appropriate measures to address the situation.

All HVAC equipment can also be monitored and any point logged for trending purposes, so owners can evaluate the performance of their systems, and target specific measures to be implemented to increase efficiency or to better overall comfort in the building.

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We were fortunate enough to become involved as a PROLON distributor in 2017 and brought the product on after some initial testing and were impressed with the simplicity in conjunction with product functionality.  Took the product to market with the idea of introducing it to the broader contractor market. With PROLONS support we were able…

Bret Dawson, General Manager at MIControls, Inc.

Prolon at TCS is used in these basic applications: Sold over the counter to service contractors; Converting a standalone Pneumatic VAV or FPB to DDC with an open protocol controller that can be integrated to a full blown automation system.

Gus Bauder, director of Building Automaton at Temperature Controls Systems