TREE-COM Wireless Adapter

The Prolon Tree-Com is an adapter allowing the user to network devices with difficult access. Using 2.4 GHz wireless radio communication, it integrates both wired and wireless to a single system. It is backwards compatible with all existing Prolon controllers.

    • Integrates both wired and wireless to a single system
    • Range reaches up to 2,500 ft / 750 m (line of sight)
    • Backwards compatible with all Prolon Controllers
    • A single “root” node can connect to one or more “leaf” nodes in a system.
    • Standard “daisy-chain” communication bus can still be used as appropriate allowing use of wireless adapters to be minimized.
    • Up to 127 adapters can be used on a single network.
    • “Root” and “leaf” nodes may be used to replace wire at any point in the network.
    • Over the air updates
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