Prolon is happy to provide you with sensors for your project that are designed and manufactured for long-term quality and performance.  All Prolon sensors are robust in design and simple to install.  Remember, Prolon uses industry standard signals for controller inputs which means you don’t have to use our products on this page.  You are welcome to source your sensors and transducers directly from the supplier of your choice, as long as the signal matches what Prolon controllers support.

  • Air Flow Sensor

    The FSD air flow sensor provides an accurate measurement of airflow within the ductwork using velocity pressure.  The FSD will connect directly to your VC2000-PI or C1050-VAV-PI zone damper controller for pressure independent operation.

    • Location and diameter of the openings for measurement on each rod conform to Standard III of ASHRAE
    • Aerodynamic shape minimizes static pressure loss, turbulence, and noise level
    • Sensor is molded out of ABS plastic for strength and durability
    • Treated to meet the UL94 standard regarding flame spread in buildings

    Outdoor Air Sensor

    The OAS outdoor air sensor has a weather-tight, engineered plastic enclosure designed to withstand demanding weather conditions in all climates. This enclosure gives optimal sensor protection against rain, sleet, snow and direct sunlight. Two mounting flanges allow quick and easy installation while access to the wiring compartment is accessed via screw-on watertight cover. A “seal-tight” electrical connector is included for out-of-box wiring situations. The PL-OAS outdoor sensor is rugged and easy to install.

    Duct Sensor

    The DS duct sensor has a sturdy 304 stainless steel probe and a standard single-gang electrical junction box with cover and duct mounting flanges. These flanges allow the use of all types of self-tapping mounting screws. A foam insulation pad entirely covers the underside of the junction box to prevent air leaks.

    Changeover Duct Sensor

    The CODS duct changeover sensor is made for installation directly within zone terminal units.  Design is the same as the DS duct sensor, except there is no plastic junction box. The built-in flange allows the use of any type of self-tapping mounting screws.

    Differential Pressure Sensor

    The MLP2 Low Differential Pressure transmitters is designed for use in OEM or high density panel mounting applications.  The MLP2 incorporates a high accuracy, piezoresistive, silicon sensing element which senses differential pressure and provides a linear 4 to 20 mA or DC voltage output equal to the specified pressure range. This technology reduces warmup shift while also reducing the effect of package stress for increased long term stability.

    • Removable terminal blocks
    • Push button Auto Zero
    • User adjustable Zero and Span
    • Diagnostic Mode, Factory Reset
    • Compact Size
    • 35mm din rail mountable
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