Network Controller

The NC2000 Network controller will tie your Prolon controllers together into a complete system. First and foremost, the NC2000 serves as a communication interface to allow you to connect to a Prolon network whether onsite or accessing remotely. Managing occupancy schedules, email alerts, and datalogging are centrally located within the Network Controller for easy access and adjustment.

    • Modbus TCP/IP to serial converter allows remote configuration of your Prolon network
    • Internal clock with up to 16 configurable weekly schedules and 16 holiday calendars
    • Share outside temperature data between devices
    • Monitors up to 200 controller points in a network and sends email alerts and/or push notifications based on user-configurable conditions
    • Static IP address or DHCP
    • Local connection to your PC via USB, IP address or RS485 adapter
    • Remote connection via direct IP address forwarding or Prolon’s FREE and completely secure remote Cloud service.
    • Automated and configurable daylight saving time
    • Factory reset switch (for IP address)
    • Keeps precise time for 10 days without electricity and recharges in a matter of seconds
    • Checks internet time regularly when an internet connection is available
    • Record up to 100 point trends at the same time, based on interval or change of value saved onto a standard SD card (user provided)
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