Humidity Controller

Our humidity controller is designed to manage relative humidity in a room or duct. Capable of both humidification and dehumidification functions, it is only available in the C1050 hardware series as it does not require an extensive amount of inputs/outputs.

  • C1050

    • Standalone or networked operation
    • 2 digital, 1 analog outputs with self-resetting fuses
    • Proportional+Integral (PI) control loops maximize performance
    • Quick and easy installation using detachable numbered terminal blocks
    • On/Off or modulating Humidification
    • On/Off Dehumidification
    • Humidification setpoint reset according to the outside temperature
    • Can work alone or be paired with an RTU or HP controller
    • Outside temperature and proof of fan information may be received through either the network or direct input connection
    • Can direct RTU or HP to start fan for humidification/dehumidification
    • Configurable supply humidity high limit
    • Dehumidification sequence activated by digital output or network communication to RTU Controller
    • Digital Outputs have selectable Sync/Source switches
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