Air Make-Up Controller Panels

The Prolon Make Up Air Panel places the PL-M2000-MUA Make-Up Air Unit controller into a single pre-wired industrial control panel ready for quick deployment.  This panel is different from Prolon’s other panels in that it is specifically designed to provide helpful features unique to MUA unit operation. The face of the panel includes a Hand/Off/Auto selector switch, LED indicator lights for both Fan Operation and Alarm/Lockout condition, and a Lockout Mode reset push-button.  A compact design allows for multiple panels to be installed in your workspace and leaves your job with a clean, professional appearance. Save time with a complete unit solution that includes Isolation relays on all digital outputs, overcurrent fuse protection, and wire management channels inside the panel. Clearly marked terminal blocks allow for easy wiring to equipment and connection to other Prolon devices and UL listing gives you and your customer peace of mind.

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    • Pre-wired industrial control panel equipped with clearly marked terminal blocks and fuses
    • Single, dual or variable volume sequences
    • Configurable winter and summer sequences
    • Discharge air temperature reset based on outside temperature or zone demand
    • Building pressure control or CO2 control using a variable frequency drive
    • Built-in protection sequences with configurable temperature limits and minimum delays
    • External Hand/Off/Auto switch, Fan and Alarm Lights and Reset button for easy access
    • Remote monitoring and configuration with FREE Prolon Focus software
    • Stand-alone or networked (up to 127 nodes)
    • Proportional integral (PI) control loops maximize performance
    • 5 digital outputs and 3 analog outputs equipped with resettable fuses and Hand/Off/Auto switches
    • Built-in real time clock can run standalone schedule up to 4 periods per day, 7 days per week, plus holiday calendar. Clock stays accurate for up to 10 days without power
    • Highly customizable M2000 control sequences with protective limits, delays, and interlocks
    • All digital outputs are isolated with relays that are built into the panel
    • Onboard LEDs allows for quick diagnostics of power, communication, and operation

    Technical Specifications

    • Include 1 M2000 controller built into a NEMA 1 Enclosure
    • Dimensions: 20” (H) x 16” (W) x 6” (D) panel with top & bottom knockout holes
    • Optional: 1 NC2000 and 1 10” display 8-core 1.2 GHz, IPS display HD 1080p, 2GB RAM
    • Lockout project or restrict access with passwords
    • Disconnect-Style Slo-Blo fuse (3A @ 250 VAC), with additional replacement fuse included
    • Terminal strip for all external connections (24Vac power supply, communication)
    • Panel wiring diagram included in the panel door for plug-and-play operation
    • Complete panel is UL508A Certified
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