Analog Wall Sensors

The Prolon RS series Analog Wall Sensor is a non-communicating device that provides conventional resistive signals to the controller to which it is connected that represent current space temperature, desired setpoint and request for occupancy override.  While still a valid and useful sensor, we find that many of our customers prefer to choose from our Communicating Wall Sensors for a larger selection of function and style.

Please note that the RS series wall modules will only work with these controllers

  • M2000 RTU and RTUS
  • M2000 HP and HPS
  • C1000 and C1050 VAV
  • C1000, C1050, and M2000 FlexIO
    • 10K-3 NTC thermistor 1% precision
    • Standard 10K setpoint potentiometer +/- 20% tolerance across the range
    • Quick and easy installation using detachable numbered terminal blocks
    • Embossed momentary pushbutton used to override unoccupied status
    • Available temperature units: Celsius, Fahrenheit, or simple +/-
    • Mounting hardware provided for installation on dry wall or a standard single-gang electrical box
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