OEM Capabilities

Prolon Controls offers OEM solutions to its partner customers who require customized control solutions for their equipment. Specializing mainly in commercial HVAC applications, Prolon Controls has garnered a long experience with all types of systems, including air handling applications such as rooftop units and air handlers, heat pumps, fan coils, unit ventilators and make up air units. We also offer customized solutions for water-based applications, such as boiler systems, chiller systems, pump control and cooling towers.

Have an application not listed above? Simply reach out to us and we will be glad to discuss your project in greater detail.

Engineering Team and Support

Prolon’s team of engineers works hand-in-hand with their OEM customers to develop products and sequences tailored to their exact needs. This partnership permits us to go above and beyond expectations and ensures that our partners get exactly the product they are looking for.

Not sure about the sequence needed to operate your equipment? Our experts will work with you and help develop the ideal solution for your application, that will then be integrated into a fully developed controller ready to hit the market.


Prolon Controls ensures that all OEM products hold the appropriate certifications that permit our customers to offer these devices in their respective markets.

Unique OEM Part Numbers And Personalized Labels

At Prolon Controls, we understand how important it is for companies to sell products that carry their own unique brand name, so that any device located in the field becomes readily identifiable and associated with them. We work to offer our OEM partners customized labels to their liking, and thus ensure full brand awareness that will conform to their marketing vision.

Furthermore, we offer unique OEM part numbers to simplify the ordering process.

A full range of products

From Controllers to VAV Boxes, we carry a large variety of products to complete your HVAC projects.

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