ProLon Focus is a powerful management and configuration tool which allows users to access and control their zoning system. Every controlled element in the HVAC system can be configured and optimized while being constantly monitored for maximum performance and energy savings.

At a glance: zone status, HVAC equipment operation, occupants' comfort; simply everything for easy and efficient management.

A look at some of the features offered by ProLon Focus:

  • Display parameters for every networked controller
  • HVAC equipment operation status
  • Simple drag-and-drop actions to add controllers to your HVAC system
  • Establish a rigorous planning of zoning areas
  • Define work processes of each device
  • Optimize the use of material resources of the HVAC system
  • Creating alerts to report certain predefined parameters
  • Management tools connected with the timetable set
  • Focus communicates in real time with HVAC equipment, thus providing accurate and timely measures.

Focus communicates directly with your HVAC equipment via:

  • Serial
  • Modem
  • Internet

No need to be on site to view or change the current configuration.

ProLon Focus is the optimal software to monitor and control your ProLon zoning system.

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