Air Differential Pressure Switch Kit

The differential pressure switch housing unit contains a diaphragm, a snap-acting SPDT switch, and a range adjustment knob with increments. The sample connections located on the side accept 0.25” (6.35mm) OD tubing. 2 pick up tubes and 6.56’ (2m) of PVC tubing are included. The enclosure cover guards against accidental contact with the live switch terminal screws and the setpoint adjustment knob with indication.

    • Adjustment Range: 0.08” to 1.20” WC (20 to 300 Pa)
    • Switch Tolerance: ±15%
    • Operating Humidity Range: 0-95%, Non-Condensing
    • Diaphragm Material: Silicone, tempered at 200°C, free of gas emissions
    • Protection Category: IP54 with cover (NEMA 13)
    • Included Accessories:  6.56 ft (2 m) of PVC hose and 2 plastic tubes
      Set of 3 push-on screw terminals
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