Split-Core Current Switch

The PL-SC-610-200 current switch monitors line current for electrical loads such as pumps, lighting, heaters or fans and closes the output contacts when the trip point is exceeded. The PL-SC-610-200 has a trip point that is adjustable between 2 to 200 Amps by rotating the adjustment pot. With its split-core design, it can be opened to install on an existing wire thereby eliminating the need to disconnect.

    • Current Setpoint: Adjustable – 2 to 200 Amps
    • Sensor Power: Self-powered
    • Output Switch Action: Normally open
    • Ambient Operating Conditions: 5 to 122°F (-15 to 50°C), 5 to 90 %RH non-condensing
    • Enclosure: ABS/PC, UL94-V0

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