Prolon C1000 series humidity controller

The built-in microprocessor offers precise digital control to maximize performance. The control sequences are fully configurable, either locally or remotely, with free software. Both humidification and dehumidification sequences are available. The C1000 HU uses proportional-integral (PI) control loops to optimize humidity control.

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For wiring specificatons, please refer to the recommended wire document.


  • Humidification setpoint varies according to the outside temperature
  • Stand-alone or networked (up to 127 nodes)
  • Outside temperature and proof of fan information received through the network
  • Fan restart sequence during unoccupied mode available when networked
  • Remote monitoring and configuration with FREE Prolon Focus software
  • Proportional integral (PI) control loops maximize performance
  • 2 digital outputs and 1 analog output, all equipped with thermal protection
  • Configurable sequence for supply humidity modulating upper limit
  • Configurable dehumidification sequence activated by digital output or network communication to rooftop controller
 Quick Start Guide C1000 (REV.3)  Hardware Guide C1000-HU (REV.7.1.1)  Focus Guide Humidity (REV.7.1.0)  Datasheet C1000-HU (REV.7.1.1)  Humidifier Modbus Profile REV.7.1.0
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