The Prolon T500 digital sensors with digital display are designed to work with Prolon VAV or HPS controllers, to which they transmit information such as the ambient zone temperature, the  heating and cooling setpoints as well as the schedule override request from the zone. The T500 has backlit graphical LCD display and a knob mounted on an precision rotary encoder with incremental feedback. The modern, attractive, low profile enclosure is suitable for classrooms, hotels, executive areas, office spaces and other commercial areas. Mounting hardware is provided for installation on dry wall or a 2” x 4” electrical junction box.


  • Circular knob and graphical display, which allow simple and intuitive control
  • Infinitely turning rotary encoder with incremental detents (mechanical feedback) allows for precise setpoint adjustment
  • Designed to work with Prolon VAV or HPS controllers, sending them zone temperature, setpoints and schedule override request
  • Easy wiring with numbered screw type terminal block or RJ45 modular jack
  • Oval-shaped screen and curved features offer a modern look
  • Label available in grey or white
  • Casing available in white or black
 Datasheet T500 (REV.7.1.1)  Quick Start Guide Wall Sensor & VAV (REV.3)
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