By monitoring refrigerant pressure and A/C unit voltage, A/C Copper Patrol is the best solution for the ever-increasing crime of coil theft for scrap copper. It is designed to stop a thief as early as possible to minimize damage and protect the equipment.

Need help or questions about the installation? See our Installation guides and Troubleshooting page.


  • Monitors A/C unit refrigerant pressure and voltage
  • Detects when input wiring is being tampered with
  • Visible intrusion LED blinks continuously - deter theft before it happens!
  • One panel can monitor up to two A/C units
  • Can operate independently or be integrated into a Prolon control system, or into an existing building automation system (BAS) over Modbus serial protocols
  • Alarm output can be tied into existing building alarm systems to alert authorities
  • Weatherproof Strobe/Siren included (NEMA4)
  • Email-based alerts available when connected to a Prolon Network Controller
  • Free visualisation and configuration using Prolon Focus software
  • Configurable delays prevent false alarms
  • Industrial grade enclosures and terminal blocks ensure clean wiring and setup
  • Does not interfere with maintenance to the air conditioning system
  • Service switch allows for easy servicing without triggering alarm
  • Locked panel installed indoors avoids tampering
  • Override switch allows for easy testing
  • Does not void factory warranty of A/C equipment
  • Can be used on new installations or retrofit
  • Works with any A/C system: 208/230 or 460/480 Volt Single or Three Phase
 Datasheet CPT-C1000 (REV.7.1.0)  Datasheet PL-ACCPT (REV.7.1.0)  A/C Copper Patrol Description  Copper Theft Modbus Profile REV.7.1.0  Wiring Diagram - Copper Patrol (C1000)  Hardware Guide PL-ACCPT (REV.7.1.0)
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